Elmore D is leading the oldest surviving blues band of the Walloon area.
Singing in English and in the Liège dialect, he has played and recorded six albums with the cream of the Belgian Blues scene, including Raf “Lazy Horse” Timmermans, Big Dave Reniers and Willie Maze, from the legendary Electric Kings. A “Live” one was produced by the late Jerry Hall for the Pacific Blues Recordings in California. He is also playing with his son Gilles, one of the most renowned guitarists in the area, for almost twenty years.
He has received several prizes, like the Trophée France Blues 2003 as “Artist of the year”, given by the Soul Bag magazine.
He is ordinarily using a National Triolian 1931, an Emil Grimshaw Revelation of the fourties, many Stellas 12-strings, a Gibson 125 TCD of 1962 and a Les Paul.
The Frémeaux and Ass. Company (Paris) has produced in 2015 the (Almost) Complete Elmore D’s Work in 5 CD.

On the occasion of Elmore D.’s birthday party at the Crossroads Café in Antwerp,in April 2016, the members of the band and other friends were joined by the Cocco Brothers, well known Liège rock guitar players.  They decided to give gigs inspired by the blues of the sixties, especially of British tradition, including favorite songs by Fleetwood Mac — hence the name of the group — John Mayall, Keef Hartley Band, the Animals, the Pretty Things, Blues and Trouble, Duster Bennett and the Mike Vernon’s production on Blue Horizon.
They will add what they consider as the best Belgian folk artist of the era, Ferre Grignard. Everything  is revisited in a non-purely-revivalist way but according to our personal humors.
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