Released: 2013
Label: Frémeaux & Associés

The project of this album was mainly inspired by Jazz Gillum. Harmonica Chicago Blues 1934-1947 and Washboard Sam. Swinging The Blues 1935-1947, published by Frémeaux and Ass. The acclaimed piano player Christian Rannenberg kindly agreed to take part to the recording of Chicago blues songs of the fourties also putting into light Big Bill Broonzy, Walter Davis, Little Richard, etc. Other piano parts are held by Bas “Basie” Janssen, now with Doghouse Sam & his Magnatones and the Implosion. On drums: Franky Gomez, also with Doghouse Sam & his Magnatones, and Henri Moureau. “Little Richard” Plaut on harp has also been part of the Elmore D Band…
Track Listing      
1 Vègn' tot chal 4:11 Lyrics iTunes
2 New Orleans Stop Time 3:14   iTunes
3 Poqwè m'as-s' fêt çoula 4:19 Lyrics iTunes
4 Since my baby's been gone 3:49   iTunes
5 Come on in 4:28   iTunes
6 Sloopy Drunk Again 3:13   iTunes
7 Roll Dem Bones 5:21   iTunes
8 You Gotta Run Me Down 3:32   iTunes
9 Nèl vind nin, nèl tape nin 3:14 Lyrics iTunes
10 Confessin' the Moûse 6:08 Lyrics iTunes
11 Li Spér 3:31 Lyrics iTunes
12 Dji k'nohe ossie Bonie Moronie 3:40 Lyrics iTunes
13 Sloppy Drunk 3:43   iTunes
14 Back to Hèsta 5:37 Lyrics iTunes
15 Dj'a on trô è m' cèrvê 2:50 Lyrics iTunes
16 Roll Them Bones 3:09   iTunes
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