Released: 2008
Label: Douces mesures

Was it really elegant to entitle this CD “Grandiveûs”, meaning “pretentious” in Walloon? Is it optimistic to give, as a last title: “Blues to make an end”? And to sign another song: “Blues for bad times”? “Ç’ trin-là” is also dealing with another end. The “Rawète” asks for some extra-time for musical pleasure. I wrote it in the hall of Liège University. Close to the latter, especially where the street Matrognard opens out to the parking of the “place Cockerill”, skinny young girls are seeking guys for poor money, in the fresh Monday morning. It is the subject of “Has’ di coûr”.
In that rather gloomy CD, the Louvat Bros and Daniel Willems, on banjo, mandolin and violin, bring their rollicking light.
Track Listing      
1 Li rawète 4:45 Lyrics iTunes
2 À cavaye lès bèrlinås 4:41 Lyrics iTunes
3 Hèy twè, gueûye d'amoûr 2:45 Lyrics iTunes
4 Has' di coûr 4:09 Lyrics iTunes
5 Li batème 4:42 Lyrics iTunes
6 Ine pitite fricassêye 4:46 Lyrics iTunes
7 Li dièrin blues d'à Johnson 4:02 Lyrics iTunes
8 Li hokum dè G.B. 4:36 Lyrics iTunes
9 Bondjoû Walonîye 4:41 Lyrics iTunes
10 Fans 'ne tchanson 4:51 Lyrics iTunes
11 Ç' trin-là 5:09 Lyrics iTunes
12 Tchanson po l' måva timps 4:09 Lyrics iTunes
13 Blues po fé 'ne fin 4:24 Lyrics iTunes
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