Released: 2005
Label: Naked Productions

This CD materialized a bet: compete for the prize of the Walloon Song. The idea was supported by my friend and librarian the late Daniel Xhigny. I added some ready-made songs to the ones recorded on “Saturday Night Rub”. I booked Willie Maze, Big Dave and Lazy for the evening show gathering the “nominated artists”, and the German piano player Hein Koop (The Big Four) joined us. The audience seemed to like it. Almost every song tells a personal story — except “Djoyeûs pèheû”, because I do not fish. Of course, “Sôlèye di tchin” is a tribute to the greatest Belgian blues artist, Ferre Grignard. I had the luck to book, in studio, one of his sidemen, Will Deckers on banjo, as well as some of my good friends: my neighbour Fabian “Lord” Bennardo and Mathias “the Goon Mat” Dalle (now with “Boogie Beast”), Suzy of the “Crossorads Café”, etc.
Thanks to Robert Sacré, I got in touch with Pierre Lacoque’s band, with Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith on drums.
Track Listing      
CD 1 / STUDIO      
1 Tot k'mahî, Pt. 1 2:37 Lyrics iTunes
2 Guitåre sweng 4:22 Lyrics iTunes
3 Louke à ç't-eûre, Pt. 1 3:21 Lyrics iTunes
4 Pus vîs pus sot 4:04 Lyrics iTunes
5 Rita, Pt. 1 3:55 Lyrics iTunes
6 Prinds ç' mårtê 3:11 Lyrics iTunes
7 Grivèl'rèye 4:48 Lyrics iTunes
8 Lès bièsses, Pt. 1 4:28 Lyrics iTunes
9 Ci n' sèrè måy pus come divins l' timps 4:16 Lyrics iTunes
10 Mi Toshiba Satellite 4:24 Lyrics iTunes
11 Ti t' fês dès-îdèyes 3:31 Lyrics iTunes
12 Hèsta 3:36 Lyrics iTunes
13 San Francisco Bay Blues, Pt. 1 3:00 Lyrics iTunes
14 Sôlèye di tchin, Pt. 1 3:48 Lyrics iTunes
15 Gros Louwis 4:18 Lyrics iTunes
16 Djoyeûs pèheû 4:57 Lyrics iTunes
17 Gros Louwis (remix) 3:08 Lyrics iTunes

1 Qué 'ne bèle wasse 3:45 Lyrics iTunes
2 San Francisco Bay Blues, Pt. 2 3:32 Lyrics iTunes
3 Louke à ç't-eûre, Pt. 2 4:00 Lyrics iTunes
4 Sôlèye di tchin, Pt. 2 6:44 Lyrics iTunes
5 Rita, Pt. 2 5:32 Lyrics iTunes
6 Dji n'ouveûre qui l' londi, Pt. 2 6:28 Lyrics iTunes
7 Ci n' sèrè måy pus come divins l' timps 6:30 Lyrics iTunes
8 Tot k'mahî, Pt. 2 4:14 Lyrics iTunes
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