The day starts by a visit to the extraordinary collection of guitars, basses, frying pans at amps brought together by Luc Henzig. Hundreds of instruments chosen for the way they illustrate the development of a manufacture (Gibson, Fender, etc.), but also because many of them have belonged to renowned artists. Technics and spirit: living encyclopaedia of guitar, Luc mastered the art of the distinguished amateur of blues and rock, who knows to strike your sensitive cord at the steady  rhythm of memories. Do you want to see the Les Paul given by BB King to Clapton, who gave it to Peter Green, who gave it to Duster Bennett (you see it on one of his albums), from whom it fell into the friendly hands of Top Topham... You may hold it, play it if you want, if you are not too nervous. Bob Margolin's Telecaster, lent to so many friends for a jam with Muddy: Luc got it.

The rectangular guitars — six strings and bass — made for Bo Diddley? He got it. Do you prefer the National Green Duolian of 1934 played by Rich Robinson (Black Crowes) or Arlen Roth's Style O received. I dont remember if Gilles took a Gibson-150 owned by Steve Howe or the 1937 Gibson L-7 also given by Arlen Roth: I felt Dizzy with such a treasure. Talking about Roth, I keep a digital souvenir of a L-4 Gibson of 1918 (with blue landscape) that he also played: the beauty resisted a bit to my efforts for seducing her.

Please check among the photos Alice, with Steevie Ray Vaughan original Diaz amp.

Please look at so many nice instruments, interesting informations and stories by clicking on Luc's site, Tune Your Sound's:

After this, we were filled with a lot of dreams for playing at the legendary Sang A Klang, the Mecca  of blues in Luxemburg. Claude Hastert and his friends — so many familiar faces! — wellcomed us like before (the Cocco Bros and myself have played there long time ago). I do hope to see them again.


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