As everybody knows in Belgium, the Spirit of 66 (Verviers) is one of the last remaining  blues clubs, with the Blues-Sphere, in the Liège area, which was so rich in former times of meeting places for real amateurs.

Anyway, a core of them gathered in Francis Géron’s nice club, on 3 June, for a commemoration of the British Blues of the sixties, to which we due most of the discoveries of the large blues history (when Eric Clapton, among many other, refused to talk to somebody who did not know anything about Robert Johnson…). But nowadays, everybody has heard about his “devil’s music” (even if you do not hear it so much in “blues festivals”, and if you do not find any trace of Skip, Blind Lemon or Blind Willie in the large media-music shops). Where do the aficionados buy their records which adorn - there is no doubt! - the private cds collections? Thus, the opportunity was given to remember My Heart Beats Like a Hammer, Long Grey Mare, Like It This Way, Shake Your Money Maker, Looking for Somebody, Leavin’ Trunk, in the new versions provided by the Cocco Brothers, Elmored D, Gilles D. and Tom Lehnert under the name of The Fleet. We do hope to repeat the experience


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