Through all the years we attended blues festivals, I took pictures of my wife Alice with performing artists, backstage. Almost all of them kindly welcomed our request, even when we were disturbing them (for example Peter Green who was eating). And I do understand the only ones who refused that we take a snap, because it happened that, for such a long time, nobody asked them for a photo, when they were traveling in the desert of media. 
Muriel Collart has bravely held the camera (and the video camera), since 2009, during my gigs. Thanks to Michel Verlinden, who also took a lot of pictures: we must hope that he will select the best ones, some day, for celebrating in a book the “Antwerp Blues Connection”. He photographed so many artists, from Belgium and from other countries. It could be a big volume…

Rotating images:
1. Michel Verlinden
2. Michel Verlinden
3. Michel Verlinden
4. Muriel Collart
5. Muriel Collart
6. Jerome de Perlinghi

- Anniversary Jam at the Crossroads Café: Michel Verlinden. Montage: Muriel Collart
- Festival Blues-en-Loire…: Muriel Collart
- Gigs in Holland…: Jean-Luc Lucky
- Starting to participate…: Michel Verlinden
- Travelling to Mississippi…: Alice Piette
- Nominated for the amateurs competition: Alice Piette
- Playing at Regina’s hall: Alice Piette

1. Muriel Collart
2. Alice Piette

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