JUNE 9, 2018


If Gilles and I have to give only one concert in a year, it will be at the Honky Tonk in Dendermonde. I discovered the place long time ago with Big Dave, Raf and Wuff. We played there with Ila De Neve’sband in 2017 and receive a warm applause. What could we say about this gig ? It was even more wild than before, especially when we played with Ilja, Kurt Lens, Kurt De Bruyn and Koen Van Peteghem original songs like «Rahis’ čt rikčtes» that probably lasted ten minutes….

Elmore D., vocals, guitars; Gilles D., guitars. Scotch, no soda!: Ilias Scotch, piano, vocals; Kurt De Bruyn, guitars;
Kurt Lens, double bass; Koen Van Peteghem, drums.
Copyright © 2018 - Elmore D. Photo Credits