JUNE 9, 2018

If Gilles and I have to give only one concert in a year, it will be at the Honky Tonk in Dendermonde. I discovered the place long time ago with Big Dave, Raf and Wuff. We played there with Ila De Neve’sband  in 2017 and receive a warm applause. What could we say about this gig ? It was even more wild than before, especially when we played with Ilja, Kurt Lens, Kurt De Bruyn and Koen Van Peteghem original songs like «Rahis’ èt rikètes» that probably lasted ten minutes…
  APRIL 29, 2018

If the festival of the Anthisnoises is not really dedicated to our music, this concert was at least imperative in memory of Jean-Pierre Urbain, who gave so much to the blues, and passed away last year. With Renaud Lesire, who helped Jean-Pierre on many occasions, we played the songs that we discovered when J.-P. and Joseph (Brems) animated a radio program in the eighties. We also asked Marcus Weymaere, well-known drummer, to join us : what he did with a special feeling for blues, for an artist in the forefront of the Belgian rock stage.Let’s make it again, Marcus !
  FEBRUARY 22, 2018

For this concert in Elmore and Gilles D.’s hometown, we invited the old friend Big Dave, supported by Ilja De Neve’s band. The audience of the Château is now used to a great variety of national and international blues bands. The amateurs were convinced by the old-time music we played, perhaps we did one of the best gigs of the last years. The castel of Oupeye is more or less my retreat place… two hundred meters from my home !
SEPTEMBER 30, 2017
Luxembourg City

Luc Henzig is definitely a special guy. His tremendous collection of string instruments used or owned by well-known rock and blues musicians may be seen by persons especially interested in the field. But the house keeping those treasures is not just a museum : Henzig organizes now sessions, proposing the bands to use somepieces of the collection. Try to identify which guitars were used when we played with Ilja De Neve’s band one of Luc’s «Rocking the Barn Concerts».
  SEPTEMBER 23, 2017
Le Roux

Small place, best spirit… The Café Brun is now one of the nicest blues den in South Belgium. W eplayed there in the warm atmosphere of clients and bartenders who REALLY like our music – with some extension to roots and rock (like the reprise of «Be Bop A Lula»). Call us, amigos, for another gig !
  AUGUST 17, 2017
La Charité-sur-Loire

The Cellier des Moines of the Festival Blues en Loire et en Pays was full for the concert given by Gilles and Elmore D. An intimist blues program was followed by a jam with the guitarist Stan Noubard Pacha and the harp-player Vincent Bucher, who animate the Ateliers du Blues, in a brilliant demonstration. A 12-strings Stella/Harmony guitar was given for the future Musée du Blues to Jacques Garcia.
JUNE 10, 2017

On June 10th 2017, the Honky Tonk Jazz Club at Dendermonde received Ilja De Neve’s band, Scotch no Soda, with Gilles and Elmore D. for a mostly improvised  session. Ilja, on keyboard, was accompanied by Kurt De Bruyn on guitar, Micha Teller on bass and Koen Van Peteghem on drums.
  JUNE 3, 2017

On 3rd of June 2017, The Fleet performed at the Spirit of 66, à Verviers. Elmore D’s and the Coco Bros’ friends got together in the souvenir of Fleetwood Mac and the British blues of the sixties.
  MARCH 20, 2017

The Fleet was invited by Dr. Boogie for the monthly Blues Café show of Classic 21, held at the Marembais (Ham-sur-Heure/Nalinnes) on March 20st 2017. More on : www.rtbf.be/classic21/.
MARCH 11, 2017

The Fleet performed in front of a large audience at the Cité Miroir in Liège on March 11th 2017. The concert, which followed a conference by J.-P. Schroeder, was organized in profit of the ASBL Solidarité Logement.
  MARCH 4, 2017

Nice evening at the Lekane Farm for a Memory Blues Trio, with my son Gilles and Henk Van der Sypt (Last Call, The John Henry Orchestra) on bass, percussions and harmonica.
  JANUARY 20, 2017

Many amateurs have gathered in the friendly room of the Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club to hear a trio formula devoted to classical blues played between 1920 and 1950. The concert was organized in memory of Jean-Pierre Urbain, who played such a role in blues research.
DECEMBER 10, 2016

The Fleet at Blues-sphere. Third gig of the group well accepted by the friendly audience.
  DECEMBER 9, 2016
Luxembourg City

Gig of The Fleet at Sang a Klang in Luxembourg. Second performance of the group finding its way.
  OCTOBER 22, 2016

For its first gig, The Fleet ended the 11th Blue Moon Festival de Vise in a hot atmosphere. We performed some personnel version of Howling Wolf, Fleetwood Mac and Elmore James classic tracks.
APRIL 24, 2016

Thanks to my son Gilles for booking a coach for Luikenaars who attended my 70th birthday party at the Crossroads Café. Thanks to Michel Verlinden for the photos.
  DECEMBER 20, 2015

A Christmas session at the Crossroads Café with Big Dave, Lazy Horse, Walter Broes and Paul de Laat on harp.
  AUGUST 15, 2015

A dark blues for a dark room in the Hotel bij Ford, but so much heat from the audience.
AUGUST 1, 2015

The usual group with Driss Deliège on bass in that Blues Oan Daa Stoazze festival. Usual welcoming audience on the Hamme piazza.
  FEBRUARY 10, 2015

A kind of jug band at the Centre culturel Saint-Georges, near Liège, with “Little” Richard Plaut on harp. Look at Youtube.
  NOVEMBER 21, 2014

Tom Nizet on percussions and drums for this 45th Chicago Blues Festival in La Traverse.
AUGUST 22, 2014

It surely was our main concert of the year 2014, at the Blues en Loire Festival. We experienced the double “Tom” percussion: Tom Lehnert on drums and Tom Nizet on cajón box drum and various instruments. A much applaused Richard Plaut. Look at Youtube.
  JULY 25, 2014

I was proud to be invited by Tiny Legs Tim, perhaps the most original new blues artist now, to that Hotsy Totsy Blues Sessions. Lightning Guy helped me for sound. Beautiful old Flemish house and lively club.
  MAY 17, 2014

Thanks to Lazy Horse for having participated to that intimate “citizen, political and electoral” meeting, on Francis Biesmans’ invitation (Mouvement de Gauche).
MAY 16, 2014

This Belgian Blues Night provided the opportunity for a Basie Janssen’s wedding party with many friends for Amsterdam. The Centre culturel of Engis and Iguana Café organise regular blues concerts. Georges Lemaire filmed the session.
  APRIL 26, 2014

Another birthday party… provided by Etienne Bours, Pete Segers’s biograph. Primitive blues program for “Les Anthinoises”, a Medieval Feast.
  APRIL 19, 2014

It was the 24th Acosse Rock and Blues Festival. Théo, of the “Petit Tonneau”, booked a list of bands which looked like a history of rock and blues in Belgium.
JANUARY 11, 2014

The Blues-Sphere Club is something like a “Buena Vista Social Club” in the Liège area. So many old blues friends there. Remember Roger of the Rock à Roger?
  OCTOBER 19, 2013

The Goon Mat and Lord Bennardo opening this Night of the Blues in the Centre Culturel, joined us at the end. Hot!
  JULY 5, 2013

Cool gig and warm audience of Luxembourg friends, with Lazy Horse, in the Brauerei of a nice Abbey, in our drummer Tom Lehnert's hometown.
JUNE 28, 2013

Rainy gig for the 4th Marchin Blues Night in the Condroz town. Tiny Legs Tim in first part, and joining for Ferre Grignard’s “Worried Man”. Lazy Horse was also on.
  NOVEMBER 26, 2012

This Blues-Café session, on Francis Delvaux’s invitation, gathered Gilles with "Stray Cats" cap, Lazy, Pieter Van Buyten, “Dynamite” Steve Wouters, Mariella Debille on saxophone and Paul de Laat on harp. Watch the video.
  NOVEMBER 18, 2012

Opening session for the new Crossroads Café, with Big Dave, Lazy Horse, his friend Pieter Van Buyten on bass, Steve Wouters on drums, Henk van der Sypt on washboard.
JULY 7, 2012

One of the “Concerts d’été des Grignoux” at the café Le Parc (Droixhe area). Franky in overalls.
  JUNE 30, 2012

Here with Fred Chapellier, Jacques Dutronc’s guitarist. Meeting the best French one-man-band, Philippe Ménard. Handsome Patrick and Basie carrying the materials.
  MAY 26, 2012

Connect to the video for "Baby please don't go" played for a careful audience at the Duvel Blues Festival.
MAY 19, 2012

Henri Moureau joined us for that Pepinster Rock and Blues Festival, the most popular in the Verviers area.
  AUGUST 12, 2011

Blues at the Auberge Simenon for the Virgin Mary feast in Outremeuse, with J.B. “Bies” Biesmans on harmonica and saxophone.
  AUGUST 6, 2011

Our first performance at the Blues Oan Daa Stoazze, our nicest festival in the Flemish country. Terrific drums solo by Franky Gomez.
JULY 21, 2011

Blues falling down like rain… All the contrary. We also had, with Lilian Boutté, to overcome the electricity breakdown Take the umbrellas in Jazz in't Park.
  MARCH 25, 2011

Another invitation by Marc Lelangue at the Centre culturel de Seraing, the violin Daniel Willem's hometown.
  MARCH 24, 2011

My son Gilles was one of the hosts of the Tipi Blues Club, in the quarter of Roture, on the left  side of the Meuse. Most all the Belgian blues artists performed in his jams.
FEBRUARY 12, 2011

Thanks to Sergio for inviting us again at his Sounds Jazz Club.
  DECEMBER 4, 2010

Marc Lelangue invited us for this 6th Nuit du Blues (Centre culturel de Mouscron). Watch Gilles D' solo.
  NOVEMBER 27, 2010

We played some gigs at the Sounds Jazz Club, in Brussels. Frankie Gomez came with his newly decorated bass drumhead.
OCTOBER 16, 2010

The Acosse Rock and Blues Festival: one of our favorite events in Belgium. Jean-Pierre Froidebise joined us on stage.
  APRIl 30, 2010
Le Mans

Next too the Europa[dJaz] festival, we enjoyed a funny performance with the young schoolboys and girls at the Collège Berthelot.
  APRIl 29, 2010
Le Mans

For this Europa [djaz] Festival, we played the 4th Night of the EuroBlues, with Lazy Horse on mandolin and guitars, Daniel Willem on violin, Patrick his brother on bass and Franky Gomez on drums.
MARCH 13, 2010

Some of the most aficionados musicians of the Crossroads Café for this Suzy’s birthday party, with Dave, Raf, “Dynamite” Steve Wouters, Ivan De Laet on drums and Suzy on bass.
  January 23, 2010

The Ex-cale: a remaining boat where amateurs played blues during the sixties.
  January 23, 2010

The Ex-cale: a remaining boat where amateurs played blues during the sixties.
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