A small Harmony ukulele 1950’s/1960’s

Ukulele Harmony

It looks like the Harmony No. 125 ½ of the Harmony Catalogue 1965 (ill. 1-4). It was the cheapest… and probably the smallest of the series: 53 cm. L, 16 cm W. The headpiece says: “Made in U.S.A. Harmony. The Harmony Co Chicago, U.S.A. The U. S. PAF Office N° 42F413.” The “Harmony-created polystyrene plastic fingerboard” perhaps “offers fretting that is perfection itself, and easy to play”, but the plastic keys are definitely inconsistent and defies tuning. It is the most primitive instrument I’ve ever bought (and with taxes, U.S. purchases must be avoided). Beware of the stars and stripes flag!

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