With old and original instruments

I try to recreate (and not to reproduce) the sound and spirit of the first blues, from 1920 to 1950.

Discover Elmore D.

I have given six albums. One of them has been produced in the USA by Jerry Hall (The Elmore D Band, Pacific Blues Records, 2005) and a compilation of five Cds has been realized by Frémeaux et Associés (L’intégrale cåzî complète, Paris, 2015).

Live Dates

No gigs until COVID-19 spread ends.
Intégrale cåzî complète
Broke and Hungry
Rahis' et rikètes
Ci n' sèrè måy pus come divins l' timps
Sun Going Down

All time musicians

We record and play together from the beginning. And we are friends.

  • Back To Hèsta does show that a truly European blues can work.
    Norman Darwen
    Blues & Rhythm
  • Musically, it's blues, no misplaced flourishes, and nothing else. The class.
    Christophe Mourot
    Soul Bag

Latest News

My projects, discoveries, new artists and always the history of pre-war blues.


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