Willie Maze


Everybody knows that, when a US artist on tour in Europe is searching for a drummer in the Benelux and around, the man to be booked is Willie Maze, from Melsele. There is not much more to say to present ‘Wuff’. When I recorded my first album in 1999, it was evident – necessary – that I asked him to joint, even if I was at that time a rather unknown bluesman. And he did it on some of the best numbers of Basse-Moûse Blues: ‘If I Had Religion’, the famous Son House’s number, or ‘Back Step Blues’, a song by the first great lead-guitarist of history, Scrapper Blackwell. When we got the trophy of ‘Best Blues Record’ for the French area in 2001, granted by the magazine Soulbag, for Saturday Night Rub, he did it. And again when we made the Grand Prix de la Chanson wallonne in 2004. Thank you, Wuff, for having shared with me your talent and kindness.