Gilles D.


If Gilles D. joined his father’s group in his teens, he learned to play guitar all by himself. He collaborated with me on almost his recordings, from Basse-Mouse Blues (1997). He studied masters of Chicago blues such as Willie Johnson and is still attentive to all the lead newcomers. He accompanied Big Pete, Gene Taylor, Keith Dunn, Clare Free, Steven De Bruyn, the Cocco Bros, etc. He organized regular blues sessions in the Outremeuse Liège district at the Tipi and L’An Vert. Sometimes he plays in small acoustic combos with me (La Charité-sur-Loire, Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club)… and he is still searching for his own band.

He has given his name to a gold top built by Dan Durham, the CL2 Benelux (2016) which may be seen on