Fifty years of performing blues


I have given 6 albums. One of them has been produced in the USA by Jerry Hall (The Elmore D Band, Pacific Blues Records, 2005) and a compilation of 5 Cds has been realized by Frémeaux et Associés (L’intégrale cåzî complète, Paris, 2015).


Elmore D, alias Daniel Droixhe, is born in Herstal, near Liège (B) in 1946. He started playing guitar and signing the blues in the sixties in the circle of his wife Alice, with her brothers Bruno and Jean-Marie and sometimes with his brother Yo. In 1984, he met blues amateurs et collectors Jean-Pierre Urbain and Joseph Brems, and they started to broadcast show, “Les douze mesures” (The Twelve Bars) on the Liège University Radio. In 1987, he went on a trip with his son Gilles and his wife to Mississippi, where they met Jack Owens, who maintained Skip James’ tradition of open minor tuning, in Bentonia. During the 1990s, he frequented the Crossroads Café in Antwerp and started playing with Raf ‘Lazy Horse’ Timmermans and ‘Big Dave’ Reniers. From 1999 to around 2005, they performed in many festivals in Belgium and foreign countries. Elmore D has released six albums. He is still occasionally performing with his son Gilles and some old friends. His daughter Alice is herself a dedicated blues connoisseur.

Further, a time-line of fifty years of performing blues, back to the beginnings, through the key moments and photos.