Missy Sippy, Gent

I am waiting for a long time to go back to Gent, where I only played once, and especially to discover the Missy Sippy. I must recognize that the reputation of the club made me rehearse far more than usual because I was decided to play new songs – like ‘hat’s No Way To Get Along by Reverend Robert Wilkins, that I treated in open G, very different from the original and from the Guy Davis’ cover. I also did want to use, at the maximum of their talent, Raf Timmermans and Big Dave to play  songs forgotten since twenty years, as the political Cannon Jug Stompers’ Feather Bed, recorded in my first album Bass-Mouse Blues – but with a change from “King Albert the Second” to “Flip the First” in the lyrics. We also tried another Johnson’s classics, Stones In My Passway, in open A. The concert was also the opportunity for a long-overdue meeting with a guy with whom we recorded songs around… 1995 and with whom we produced on stage at the Park Festival in Antwerp: Fred Verhaegen. The latter was not yet “Mambo Fred”, or “Kaai Man”, as now. After a first set played alone, Fred joined Tiny Legs Tim and I for a closing song enjoyed by everybody, like the audience – as one may check by a video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHHyI7AFqMI

Hope we could do that again…